BlissBond Universal Adhesive

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Bonding Technology at its Finest

BlissBond, combined with BlissEtch, creates a universal light-cured dental adhesive for bonding composites to dentin, enamel, metals, and porcelain. BlissBond is ethanol based and contains no acetone. Its novel resin will cure with any dental curing light (like the Ascent PX) and provides exceptional bond strength.

Why BlissBond?

BlissBond comes with CAO's patented LiquaTips and BiscoTips. These tips ensure complete coverage, no pooling, or missed spots (yes, even in the corners of preparations). Combining BlissEtch and its glutaraldehyde formula, BlissBond virtually eliminates post-operative sensitivity while maintaining strong bonding. 


  • Strong bonding formula
  • No acetone
  • Precision tips
  • Little to no patient sensitivity when combined with BlissEtch


Package Contains:

  • Two (2) Prefilled 3cc syringes of BlissBond
  • One (1) Prefilled 3cc syringe of BlissEtch (each with 5% Glutaraldehyde)
  • Fifty (50) LiquaTip brush tips


Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 1 in

006-00044 Single kit with 2 Prefilled 3cc syringes of BlissBond, 1 Prefilled 3cc syringe of BlissEtch, each with 5% Glutaraldehyde, plus 50 LiquaTip brush tips.