Cavity pHighter Mints

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Cavity pHighter Mints

Be a pHighter

Protect your patients mouth day and night. The Cavity pHighter Mints help protect your patient's mouth against acids produced by hard-to-kill bacteria. The bacteria in your patient's mouth produce acids that dissolve minerals in their teeth, making them softer and porous, causing cavities.

How often should my patients eat a Mint?

After Eating: Right after a meal your patient's mouth is vulnerable. The bacteria in the mouth feed on the foods just consumed (especially sugars and carbohydrates) and produce acids that dissolve minerals in the teeth. This leads to cavities.

When At Risk: Patients can conveniently test the pH levels in their mouth at any time with the Testing Strips. If the Testing Strips indicate that the patient is at risk, take a Mint.

Freshen Breath: Because no one enjoys bad breath. The peppermint flavor provides lasting fresh breath to prepare your patient for any occasion.


Quantity: 60 pieces per bottle
Flavor: Peppermint