250 barrier sleeves per bag for the Ascent PX Curring Light
Complete 5-second cure. 4 curing modes.Long battery life. The Ascent PX comes to you from CAO Group, the...
Ascent PX Curing Light Protective Shield
BlissBond, combined with BlissEtch, creates a universal light-cured dental adhesive for bonding composites to dentin, enamel, metals, and...
BlissEtch, combined with BlissBond, creates a universal bonding system, with easy application and the lack of post-operative sensitivity...
Cavity pHighter Mints
Cool mint tooth decay prevention mints. The introductory kit includes 12 boxes of mints, 60 pieces each box....
Cavity pHighter Test Strips
It may be hard to kill off oral bacteria, but now there is a way to defend against...
ClearVue LED Bulb
ClearVue LED Replacements for Halogen Bulbs   CV-MMReplaces Midmark® Dental Light Models:153585, 153771, 153673, 153818, 153914, 153772,153773, 153829,...
Replace etching and salinating all in one step. FastFix is a one-step easy-to-use, porcelain conditioner, and primer. Our...
Flocked-bulb tip softens the pressure on cut tissue while scrubbing or burnishing gel into soft tissue. FEscrubTip® enables...
The Fiber Cleaver Stylus is used to cleave the tip of a laser fiber after the fiber jacket...
The laser fiber stripper is used to cut and remove the laser fiber’s protective covering at the distal...