You may not know our name yet, but you know our products! CAO has been a leading OEM company in dental devices and materials for over 15 years. CAO pioneered the LED curing light and modernized diode laser technologies for the dentistry industry. CAO’s Sheer Film™ technology is a revolutionary method to orally administer medicaments with minimal annoyance to patients. Sheer White!® is the most advanced teeth whitening product on the market. CAO has many advanced dental laser products to serve dentistry globally.


Our most advanced Pilot™ Medical Diode Laser offers unprecedented treatment options for chiropractors, physical therapists, surgeons, family doctors, specialty doctors, veterinarians, and other medical professions. The Pilot laser system can conduct many procedures in the field of surgery, therapy, dermatology, chiropractor, podiatry, and more. With its intuitive design, learning to operate the Pilot™ requires minimal time and effort. Resulting in less pain, minimal blood loss, and a quicker recovery, the Pilot™ Diode Laser is beneficial for a wide range of daily procedures to provide the maximum benefits to patients.



CAO pioneered LEDs as light sources for detecting forensic evidence in different fields. The UltraLite ALS® is an industry standard and leading brand of forensic lights that have benefitted criminal investigations worldwide, helping investigators solve many cases. With its ergonomic design and power flexibility of battery and universal worldwide voltage input, the UltraLite ALS® offers reliable portability, superior durability, and impact resistance.