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Combining passion for dentistry with our devotion to improving the dental community; providing research, product development, manufacturing, and services for a variety of dental products. CAO Group has successfully provided OEM/ODM turnkey products for diverse dental practices over the past 20 years.

Diode Lasers

There’s a significant chance that CAO technology provided the Diode laser in your dental practice. We’re dedicated to making the delivery of dental care “easier, faster, better.”

Curing Lights

Majority of LED curing lights used in dentistry today are based on technological breakthroughs developed at CAO Group’s research and development facility located near Salt Lake City, Utah.

Teeth Whitening

The most advanced delivery system for teeth whitening in the dental industry.

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Dr. Erini Redmond
San Clemente, CA

“Ever since my practice started offering Sheer White kits to our patients we have only received rave reviews! My patients have expressed ease of use, comfort and best of all bright white smiles. Here’s the clincher, patients who have used trays in the past are excited to finally find a product that does not cause SENSITIVITY!”

Linda Ryan
Pacific Dental Services
(former Ultradent Trés White user)

“WOW!!!! I LOVE THEM!! Can’t wait to see the results after 5 days!! These are so comfortable I can’t believe it!! I am a definite fan and will tell the offices they are NUTS if they don’t jump all over this quick!! Patients will be raving, no doubt!! Thank you for a great product!!”

Dr. Jeff Zimmerman
Gulfport, MS

“Sheer White strips work great and patients are loving them.”

Howard E. Spector, DDS Orthodontist
Millennium Park Orthodontics
Chicago, Illinois

“Wonderful product. I give them to patients when they complete their Invisalign treatment or as a “wedding gift” in preparation for their big day. These beat other white strips–hands down!”

Janice Scimone
Vijaya Cherukuri DDS
Chino, CA

“First of all. Loved the samples!!! Very generous and it paid off, we got hooked! Telling all friends at other dental offices too! Second, we love SheerWhite! Recommend them to all of our patients. Also, results with first use! Thank you!”

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