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Judy Bendit, RDH, BS

Presenting: Are YOU and YOUR patients at RISK for Caries?

January 24, 2023

6:00pm  (MST)

Clinicians are reporting that the burden of dental disease has noticeably increased as a result of the lack of routine care, change in diet, stress and many other factors. This impact of the pandemic is real and will persist for some time. Being able to identify the impact of saliva on this process is critical. Let’s spend an hour looking at some risk factors and possible solutions to fix the problem.    

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David Reznik

Strategies to prevent disease transmission of Influenza and Covid

January 31, 2023

6:00pm  (MST)

Providing the safest dental visit has become more of a challenge during the last 3 years of COVID and the early onset of the 2022/2023 influenza season.  Steps your practice can take to protect staff and patients have never been more important.  This course will review the current CDC recommendations on infection control focusing on the reduction of airborne pathogens as well as the simplest way to eliminate healthcare-acquired infections.

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On-Demand Webinars

Dr. Tony Hashemian

Presenting: Acidity of Saliva and Systemic Health - Win Your Patients' Trust: Part I

This webinar highlights the importance of salivary pH and buffering, the current state of the science connecting salivary testing to oral and systemic health, and the innovative solutions available for better oral health management. Between 2000 and 2005, Dr. Hashemian was an owner/operator of five dental offices. Dr. Hashemian was named Dentist of the Year by Arizona Business Magazine and received a Health Care Leadership Award.

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Dr. David Reznik

Presenting: Are Extraoral Evacuators Truly Necessary?

This webinar will begin to demystify the discussion around the necessity of extraoral evacuators. Dr. David Reznik is the Director of the Oral Health Center of Grady’s Infectious Disease Program and serves as Chief of the Dental Medicine Service for the Grady Health System

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Dr. Robert Levine

Presenting: Introduction to Diode Laser Technologies

This Webinar sheds light on how you can better utilize your current or future laser. Dr. Levine explains the science and procedural uses behind the diode laser in dentistry. You are going to want to tune in! Dr. Levine has 12 years of experience in the laser arena, both in academic and private practice. For the past 8 years, Dr. Levine has been a full-time faculty member at Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health, (ASDOH). Dr. Robert Levine is President of Global Laser Oral Health (GLOH), LLC, and Levine Consulting. 

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Anne Guignon, RDH, MPH, CSP