Every soft tissue diode laser, accompanying parts, and related accessories to meet all your dental care needs.

Pioneer Lasers

 Click HERE for 12, 24, or 36-month payment options! **Shipped from West Jordan, UT** **US Customers Only** The Most Portable...
Click HERE for 12, 24, or 36-month payment options! **Shipped from West Jordan, UT** A Retractable Fiber Diode Laser that...
Pioneer Pro Wireless Foot Pedal Replacement foot pedal for Pioneer Pro or Pioneer Elite Wireless technology eliminates cord clutter...
A Laser Handpiece Featuring a Fiber Cable in Two Convenient Sizes Standard Handpiece  4" The Pioneer Elite Standard...
The fiber cartridge is a replaceable assembly for the Pioneer Pro diode laser. The fiber refill cartridge contains...
Replacement Battery for Pioneer Elite Diode Laser
**3-5 day Shipping from West Jordan, UT** Be Elite When it Comes to Whitening Your Patients Teeth Whitening...
These are detachable replacement sleeves for the Pioneer Elite Diode Laser handpiece. We have 2 types of sleeves...
Pioneer Perio Length replacement fiber tips for the Pioneer Elite 3-watt diode laser are uni-dose tips with a...
Replacement charging cradle for the Pioneer Elite or Odyssey Navigator Diode Laser  
**3-5 day shipping from West Jordan, UT** Vital Protection, Extreme Comfort CAO's Laser Protective glasses are professionally designed...
**3-5 day Shipping from West Jordan, UT** The First Step to Laser Precision This Laser Fiber Stripper is...
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