ClearVue LED Bulb

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Replaces A-dec, Midmark, and other Halogen Systems

Why ClearVue?

The proof is clear. ClearVue LED bulbs make your dental chair’s lighting like new! Designed with cutting-edge LED true color technology, ClearVue bulbs provide perfect shade matching and reduce eye strain. ClearVue LED bulbs allow you to perform efficiently and effectively when it matters most.


  • Minimize eye strain and fatigue

  • No color degradation!

  • Emits 90% less heat than traditional halogen bulbs

  • Cost Saving - One LED bulb lasts as long as 30 Halogen bulbs

  • Easy installation

  • SLower Energy costs by 90%

  • 5-year limited warranty

The Difference is Eye Catching!


ClearVue LED Replacements for Halogen Bulbs


Replaces Midmark® Dental Light Models:
153585, 153771, 153673, 153818, 153914, 153772,
153773, 153829, 153830, 153637, 1536638, 153639


Replaces A-dec® Dental Light Models:
500, 6300


Replaces Pelton & Crane® Dental Light Models: Light Fantastic®, Light Fantastic® II, Light Fantastic®III

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