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Keep the Lights on With the ClearVue LED Bulb

The ClearVue family of LED bulbs is designed to help you see better and your patients feel better. Proper lighting is essential to delivering quality patient care while reducing staff weariness.

Why ClearVue LED Bulbs?

The ClearVue LED bulbs are designed to minimize eye strain and fatigue. The cutting-edge LED true color technology enables perfect shade matching. The crisp 25,000 lux light pattern illuminates only where you need it with no color temperature degradation. ClearVue LED bulbs emit less than 90% of heat emissions in comparison with traditional halogen bulbs. A 5-year limited warranty is included with a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours or 15 years at a much lower operating and maintenance cost. 


  • Minimize eye strain/fatigue
  • True color technology
  • Emit 90% less heat than traditional halogen bulbs
  • Cost Saving
  • Easy installation
  • No radiation or hazardous waste materials
  • 5-year limited warranty


Halogen vs. LED

All provided data has been compiled from published materials. Every attempt at accuracy has been made however the information may vary from actual.
For more comparison information contact the Department of Energy at and/or manufacturers reported data.

 ClearVue LED Replacements for Halogen Bulbs


Replaces Midmark® Dental Light Models:
153585, 153771, 153673, 153818, 153914, 153772,
153773, 153829, 153830, 153637, 1536638, 153639


Replaces A-dec® Dental Light Models:
500, 6300


Replaces Pelton & Crane® Dental Light Models:
Light Fantastic®, Light Fantastic® II, Light Fantastic® III




What's in the box?

1 ClearVue LED Bulb
1 Instruction Sheet

How should I spend all the money I’ll be saving?

CAO Group has a number of products that save money and hassle for patients and practitioners. Please take a look at some of them on our website and find solutions that help you.

How much power does the LED use compared to a halogen light?

ClearVue LED operatory bulbs use only 5 watts in comparison to 95 watts or more depending on the light fixture. This is one of the reasons why ClearVue is the clear choice for excellence in dental lighting.

Does the ClearVue get hot like halogen lamps?

Halogen lamps are notorious for the amount of heat they generate. LED bulbs in general don't produce anywhere near the amount of heat as halogens, but they still produce some heat. The ClearVue will get hot after running for long periods. Before touching the light or removing the ClearVue bulb, please allow at least 5 minutes for the bulb to cool.

Is the light as bright as a halogen?

Yes, both halogen bulbs and ClearVue LED bulbs emit 25,000 Lux. They are a direct comparison in brightness. LEDs however provide better color accuracy for a crisp and clear view.

Does this LED put out the same light as an LED dental light?

Yes, ClearVue bulbs have been engineered to convert and emit light that is the same as if you purchased a new LED fixture.

How long will the light last?

ClearVue has a lifespan up to 15 years.

What color is the light?

ClearVue is a white light with a blue accent. It is 90% quality of daylight.

Will the light from the LED change over time?

No, ClearVue LEDs emit the same light on day 6000 as it does on day 1.

How long is the light guaranteed?

ClearVue Led bulbs come with a 5 year limited warranty.

Do I have to change anything with my light fixture to install the LED replacement light?

No, ClearVue is true plug-and-play. Simply open the fixture, remove the halogen bulb, install a ClearVue bulb in its place and close the fixture cover.

Which light, LED or halogen, is better to assess true tooth color?

Halogen color accuracy starts pretty close to LEDs however degrades quickly leaving halogen color accuracy uncertain. ClearVue LED color accuracy is true from day one until day 6000.

The spot size and dimensions seem different. Can anything be done about that?

Most fixtures have a focusing knob on the back of the reflector. Turning this knob will position the ClearVue differently within the reflector and change the dimensions of the light spot. Aim the light at the wall, and make adjustments to the focusing knob until the spot size is how you like it.

Why does my light seem too bright or not as bright as my halogen bulb did?

Most dental chair models have the ability to adjust the intensity of light. If you previously kept your lights on medium intensity you may need to adjust your fixture to either a higher or lower setting to experience the same intensity as previously experienced.

How do I determine which ClearVue lamp is appropriate for my light?

It will be necessary to identify which model of light you have. This can usually be found on a large white or silver label at the base of the light's armature where it attaches to the chair/wall/ceiling mast. Review the models of ClearVue lamps in the compatibility section of this product page and look for the model number of your light. If you aren't sure, please feel free to contact Customer Support at (877) 236-4408 and we would be happy to help. Please note that CAO Group has worked to provide ClearVue lamps compatible with the most common models of lights on the markets. Some models of lights may not be supported at this time, but please check back in the future as we continue to add more ClearVue models to our line.

Where can I buy ClearVue?

ClearVue is exclusively available through

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