Ascent PX Curing Light

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Complete 5-second cure.
4 curing modes.
Long battery life.

The Ascent PX comes to you from CAO Group, the originator of the LED curing light. Designed to cure quickly and completely, Ascent PX has four modes including a high powered five-second cure. With CAO patented technology, the broad spectrum 377-490nm dual wavelength output of Ascent PX cures any light-cured dental material available today.
The ergonomic design and 360° rotating head enables the Ascent PX to easily and comfortably reach all sites, including the buccal corridor, The LEDs are engineered to focus on a footprint that approximates the natural shape of teeth.



36 oz


15 × 8 × 4 in


Ascent Px




Kit contains:

1 Ascent PX Curing Light,

1 wand

1 3-position charging base

1 power cord

50 disposable barrier sleeves

1 protection shield

Ascent Px Accessories




Ascent PX Curing Light Wand


3-position charging base


50 disposable barrier sleeves


Laser protection shield