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Aegis Aerosol VacStation

This multi-filtration unit removes up to 99.97% of all airborne particulates and pathogens (down to 0.3µm size), decreasing the potential spread of infections and diseases.

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Precise LTM

The Precise LTM Diode Laser is the most affordable per use diode laser on the market. Treat over 500 patients with on cartridge. 

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Precise SHP

Experience the most advanced laser system technology with the operating system of an Apple iPod touch.

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Pioneer Elite

The most portable and ergonomic laser offered by CAO. Move from room to room and case to case ready to lase!

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Pioneer Pro

Unofficially coined the workhorse of the industry, the precision of this laser is cutting edge. This laser is built to be precise, less invasive, and less traumatic for the patient's and operator's benefit.

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A laser exclusively built for dental hygienists, the Hygea laser brings precision and efficiency to leading professionals. 

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