Pioneer Pro Diode Laser

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Delicate Precision and Performance at Your Fingertips

The Pioneer Pro Diode Laser is geared for operator efficiency, convenience, and performance. This laser features a laser wavelength of 810±20nm which holds the highest affinity for hemoglobin and melanin. Thanks to design and the built-in technology of this laser, the operator experiences a precise, less invasive, and less traumatic tool while performing soft tissue procedures. 

What makes the Pioneer Pro Diode Laser different?

The precision of this laser is cutting-edge. With pristine laser precision, the laser Pioneer Pro Diode laser leaves behind a very small footprint. There is no question why this unique and reliable diode laser has unofficially been coined the workhorse of the industry.


        • Unique Fiber Management System
        • Wireless Power Foot-Control
        • Retractable Fiber Management System
        • LED Display
        • 810nm Wavelength
        • 5 Watts Maximum Power Output

         Package Includes:

        • Pioneer Pro Unit with 400 Micron Fiber Cartridge System
        • Fiber Stripper & Cleaving Tool
        • Protective Glasses
        • Package (20) Handpiece Tips straight
        • Package (20) Handpiece Tips 60 degrees angle
        • Handpieces, autoclavable
        • Laser Key
        • Wireless Foot Pedal & Wireless Receiver
        • 9 Volt Battery & Power Cord
        • Pioneer Pro Owner’s Manual
        • Laser Saftey Sign
        • 2-years manufacturer warranty


          Technical Specifications

                   Laser: 810 nm ± 20 nm
              Modes of Operation:
                  Continuous - 0 to 5.0 Watts
                  Pulse - 0 to 5.0 Watts
              Power Requirements:
                  Pioneer Pro Unit 110 V / 220 V 50-60 Hz
                  Pioneer Pro Pedal 9 V Lithium Battery
              Power Consumption:
                  <30 Watts
              Audible Signal:
                  Start and stop
                  Change of power
              FDA Cleared for:
                  Soft tissue applications
              Fiber Thickness:
                  400 microns


              All Pioneer Pro Lasers are covered by our no-hassle 2-year manufacturer warranty.

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