ZaPro Surface Disinfectant

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The Power of Clean

Directions for Use:
ZaPro disinfectant can be directly applied to a surface either from a spray bottle, or by moistening a cleaning cloth with ZaPro disinfectant and then wiping the surface. For tougher cleaning jobs, make sure the surface is visibly wet and allow ZaPro disinfectant to remain wet for one minute before wiping off. For thick build up, several applications of ZaPro disinfectant may be necessary to fully remove heavy grime.

Available in 2 Configurations:
006-00292 – Intro Kit with Sanitizer (1 x prefilled spray bottle + 2 x 8.5 oz sanitizer bottle)
006-00291 – Spray Solution 12PK (12 x prefilled spray bottle)

ZaPro Surface Disinfectant

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A New Approach to Decontamination!

ZaPro Surface Disinfection Solution presents a new approach to decontamination. ZaPro disinfectant was designed for today's new environment, with powerful ingredients this cleaner powers through grime to provide a surface that is clean and ready for use. ZaPro disinfectant uses no soaps or detergents allowing it to evaporate with virtually no residue left behind. Suitable for most washable hard surfaces. ZaPro surface disinfection is ready to use, requiring no dilution or mixing before use.


  • Powerful fast acting formula

  • Effectively eliminates bacteria and grime

  • Kills bacteria in 1 minute

  • No left residue left behind

*ZaPro is a general purpose disinfectant intended to process noncritical medical devices and equipment surfaces. ZaPro disinfectant can also be used to preclean or decontaminate critical or semi-critical medical devices prior to terminal sterilization or high level disinfection. ZaPro disinfectant is not for application or use on the human body. Repeated use on wood surfaces, or for example granite counters that have been oiled, may remove some of the oils from these surfaces. After using ZaPro disinfectant, periodic re-application of a suitable oil restorative product is recommended.