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ZaPro Hand Sanitizer Hero

Reimagine How You Think About Hand Sanitizer! 

ZaPro Hand Sanitizer revolutionizes the industry by leaving behind a feel on your hands that is unique and unmatched. With 94% alcohol and continual residual effect, ZaPro is truly the first of its kind!

What Makes ZaPro  Hand Sanitizer Revolutionary?

  • Easily slip on latex and rubber gloves directly after application
  • 94% alcohol to disinfect bio-fluid contamination
  • It is a feel that must be experienced. Order now!
ZaPro Hand Sanitizer
Hand sanitizer in use


  • 94% alcohol
  • No sticky residue
  • Doesn't dry out skin
  • Powerful and effective

Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee!

We are so confident that you and your staff will love ZaPro Hand Sanitizer that if you purchase a single 8oz bottle and are not completely satisfied, we will fully refund you!


Mike Ditolla


“I graduated from dental school in 1988, the same year Purell™ hand sanitizer was introduced. I don’t use any of the same dental materials today that I was using in 1988, but hand sanitizers haven’t improved in the last 33 years: they are still 70% alcohol. When I first saw ZaPro and its 94% alcohol, I thought it was a typo! I placed some on my hands, rubbed them together and sniffed my palm. BOOM! Yeah, that’s definitely 94% alcohol! The amazing thing is the silky feel of the gel, and the fact that it doesn’t dry your hands out. It also makes putting gloves on a breeze, something I can’t say about many hand gels. During this pandemic I’ve realized just how many times per day I touch my face, and that I am essentially powerless to stop it from happening for more than 2 minutes at a time. I love knowing that now when I touch my face, it’s after blasting all the pathogens on my hands with ZaPro’s 94% alcohol kill power. Just try it once and see how good your hands feel. And if you can’t believe ZaPro is 94% alcohol because it leaves your hands feeling so good, you can always sniff it and see!”