What does it mean to be a pHighter?

pHighters are those who are dedicated to their patients beyond routine in-practice oral care. pHighters are dedicated to their patients overall oral hygiene and well-being day and night. Being a pHighter means going above and beyond to make sure your patients are safe, protected, and healthy.

What are Cavity phighter Mints and Strips?

Cavity pHighter Mints and Strips are a one-two punch solution for detecting risks of caries and protecting against that risk.

The Cavity pHighter Mints help protect your patient's mouth against acids produced by hard-to-kill bacteria. The bacteria in your patient's mouth produce acids that dissolve minerals in their teeth, making them softer and porous, causing caries.

The Cavity pHighter Strips help protect your patient's mouth against acids produced by hard-to-kill bacteria by letting them know when they are at risk. Now they can know when they need to be a pHighter!

How the Mints Work

After Eating:
Right after a meal your patient's mouth is vulnerable. The bacteria in the mouth feed on the foods just consumed (especially sugars and carbohydrates) and produce acids that dissolve minerals in the teeth. This leads to caries.

When At Risk: Patients can conveniently test the pH levels in their mouth at any time with the Testing Strips. If the Testing Strips indicate that the patient is at risk, take a Mint.

Freshen Breath: Because no one enjoys bad breath. The peppermint flavor provides lasting fresh breath to prepare your patient for any occasion.

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Assess on the Go

Patients now can defend themselves against caries by understanding when they are at risk.

Patients simply place the pH strip in their mouth and measure their reading against the key on the bottle. The key will tell them their pH level and buffer capacity to fight off bacteria.

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Cavity pHighter in an Expert's Eyes

Do you ever wonder why some people are plagued with a high caries rate or mysterious tooth erosion? Everyone is frustrated when we find one more carious lesion during an exam. And it’s painful to watch teeth literally melt away for no apparent reason. Finally, we have a new tool that can shed some light on these mysteries.

Cavity pHighter Test Strips provide a rapid, accurate, and cost-effective saliva test that documents not only salivary pH levels, but also buffering capacity. The strips make it easy for both clinicians and patients to track the numbers and target two critical risk factors - acidic saliva and insufficient neutralizing.

Cavity pHighter Mints are formulated with xylitol, a substance known to increase salivary flow and help reestablish a neutral oral pH range. The mints also contain soluble calcium, a necessary component for healthy saliva and a critical ingredient for remineralization. This new system identifies two important risk factors and offers a reasonable way to reduce both caries and erosion risks.

-Anne Guignon, RDH, MPH, CSP