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Sheer White!
The Only Complete Teeth Whitening System for Dental Professionals 

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A Clinical Strength Formula for Better Whitening

Why are more and more dental offices implementing the Sheer White!? It’s simple: with Sheer White!’s clinical strength and reduced-sensitivity formula in the form of easy-to-use whitening strips now offer a powerful teeth whitening solution that is fast, effective, and virtually painless at a reasonable cost to your patients. 

Better Revenue, Better Retention, Better Whitening. 

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The Only Complete Professional Whitening System

Here’s how the system works: Apply the In-Office Sheer White! strip to the patient’s teeth and in as little as one minute and send your patients home with the Sheer White! Take-Home kit. This will jumpstart the treatment and will whiten up to 3 shades in just 30 minutes.

Patients should continue the take-home treatment for 5 days with visible results up to 5 more shades whiter—providing up to 8 shades whiter! The easy-to-apply strips are not like over-the-counter strips due to the unique patented non-slip formula. Patients can talk, drink beverages, workout, and get on with their day.*

*not to be used with hot beverages.

“The Sheer White! In-Office and Take Home Whitening Strip System will make whitening through the dental practice Easier, Faster, and Better.“

Professional In-Office and At-Home Dental Whitening With Little-to-No Sensitivity

A painless 1-minute application that will allow your patients to drink beverages and go about their day. Your patients will smile brighter, and so will you!

Professional tooth whitening with little-to-no sensitivity!

A painless 1-minute application that still allows you to drink* and continue your day. Your patients will love their whiter smile almost as much as they love saving time and money. And so will you!

*not to be used with hot beverages.

Your Patients Will Thank You 

Build customer retention and keep your patients coming back with fast, easy, and painless results. Say goodbye to expensive and painful custom trays and gels and say hello to a dental whitening system that will save you money and create repeat whitening visits.

Your patients will love their whiter smile almost as much as they love saving time and money.

Your Staff Will Thank You

No more impressions, custom trays, suck-downs, or lab time--just 1 minute of chair time, that’s it! Cut down the work for you hygienists and assistants and build a more successful practice at the same time.

This system gives your patient the whitening results they want at a significantly easier, faster and better value. With our 50% affiliate offer that means each patient treatment is less than $40. This includes 1 in-office application and a take-home kit with 5 applications.

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Real Success Stories from Real Dentists

Don’t take our word for it, hear how Dr. Jaimee Morgan has used the SheerWhite! Whitening System to build her practice.

Better Revenue, Better Retention, Better Whitening!

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5 Steps to Implement Sheer White! Teeth Whitening Program in Your Practice

Establish your Sheer White! professional whitening program with this step-by-step guide outlining everything you need to do to improve your teeth whitening services.

How Do the SheerWhite Strips Work?

Apply the active surface to the teeth. Position the top of the strip where the teeth and gums meet.

Make sure all visible tooth surfaces are covered by the strip.

Remove the strip from the tray. Remove the release liner from the strip. The active gel is the side that was touching the release liner.

Center film and place againstteeth at gum line.

Fold film to back side of teeth. Press firmly on all surfaces. This ensures proper placement for a secure no-slip fit.

Wear 1–2 Hours.

Removal prior to one hour may result in films coming off in pieces. Rinse with warm water before removal.

To remove, grasp one corner and pull down away from front of teeth, then push film away from back of teeth.

Brush or rinse away any remaining gel. Rinse to sink.

A One-of-a-Kind Teeth Whitening Solution for Dental Practices

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