Monet Curing Laser Light

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The Monet Curing Light:
Innovative Technology for Innovative Dentistry

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The Monet Laser Cure is a Confident Cure

The advantage of the Monet curing laser is the confidence you’ll have in a complete cure. The Monet fully cures dental composite in just 1 second, saving you not only time, but worry.

A soft cure can leave a patient in pain and an incomplete bond can create future structural tooth damage. Nothing disrupts a practice like an unhappy patient with a broken tooth from a soft or incomplete cure.

With the Monet there’s no incomplete bonds, soft cures, or post-op sensitivity—and that means complete confidence.

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1-Second Cure is a Consistent Cure

The Monet dental curing light provides a consistent dispersion of energy and intensity at any distance, making weak spots and uneven bonding a thing of the past. Because of the first-of-it’s-kind curing speed, the result is less shrinkage than a traditional LED curing light.

The collimated beam means you can penetrate deep into composite allowing for bulk fills by just adding an extra click or two, thus decreasing the potential for soft cures or soggy bottoms. An even cure is a consistent cure.

The Monet Laser Curing Light is the future of composite curing in dentistry.

 Features & BenefitsLEDLASER
1-Second Cure
Deep and Confident Cure
Minimal Shrinkage
No Post-Op Sensitivity
Collimated Beam
Consistent Power
Next evolution of curing from the creator of LED technology

"Overall, the Monet exhibited a very good combination of features and performance and appears very promising.”

"The Monet is the first dental curing light based on laser diodes. The optical design, controls, and high output make it competitive with current LED curing lights."

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Join the 1-second Curing Revolution

Learn about how other dentists have effectively integrated the Monet Laser Curing Light into their practices. Dr. Mike Ditolla sits down with dental professionals who have joined the 1-Second Curing Revolution.

“The laser curing light on 3M composite showed less debonding in both 8mm and 1mm distances, compared to LED curing light.”

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No Distance is Too Great for the Monet

The Monet Curing Laser does not lose power output from different distances, so you can be confident that you’ll get a complete cure every time. Distance does not effect consistency.

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Still Don’t Think You Are the Revolutionary Type?

Still not sure about the best dental curing light technology on the market today? We understand, it sounds too good to be true. It’s time to see it for yourself.

Schedule a virtual demo with one of our experts or request a visit from a field rep and get a first-hand look at this amazing technology.

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  • Lens:
    Directs the true collimated laser light.
  • Rotating Head:
    Allows access to all intraoral areas.
  • Status Light:
    Indicates the status of the unit.
  • Power Button:
    Used to activate the high-intensity laser light for 1 second.
  • Battery Pack:
    Can be detached and placed in the charging stand to recharge.
  • Charging Station:
    Has 2 charging bays for Monet battery packs and is a stand for the Monet device.

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