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The Only Extra Oral Suction System That Eliminates Spatter and Aerosols


Removes spatter, airborne
pathogens, and aerosols.

Up to 99.9% filtration
(0.3μm particle size)

HEPA filtration system
H13 level

UVC light that kills
virus and bacteria

Does It Really Work?

Independent research demonstrated that the Aegis Aerosol VacStation can eliminate the following while using a high-speed hand piece:


Spatter on practitioners


aerosol reduction for
particle size 0.3um – 2.4um


aerosol reduction for
particle size 2.5um and larger

VacStation Product shot

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Aegis Aerosol VacStation
Aegis Aerosol VacStation
Aegis Aerosol VacStation
Aegis Aerosol VacStation
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Aegis Aerosol VacStation

This multi-filtration, extra-oral chair-side suction station, removes aerosols and up to 99.97% of all airborne particulates and pathogens (down to 0.3µm size), decreasing the potential spread of infections and diseases. Features a flexible tube that is easy to maneuver and promotes less noise than alternative units that use sharp bends and hinder airflow.

Duct:Φ75mm×1500 mm
Power:250W Max
Filter Efficiency (0.3µm): 99.97%
Volume (Filter included):200m3/h

Why Choose Aegis

With increased susceptibility to new diseases, it’s essential for our offices to implement new PPE protocols moving forward as we look to start regular business operations. This will not only help you grow value in your workplace but it will protect both your patients and employees. Equip your office with the essentials and promote a more safe environment with Aegis PPE line

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