Laser Curing

This handheld paddle can be used instead of goggles as a convenient alternative. To be used by placing the...
Input 4.2 VOC @2.oA plugs into the charger to charge the lithium-ion batteries of the Monet.
The small circular disk can be attached to the neck and body of the Monet. Small Shield that...
Output 2.0 Watts MAX Lithium-Ion Battery. Plugs into the bottom of the Monet and is good for 300...
These barrier sleeves are specifically designed to fit the Monet laser curing light. Barrier sleeves are vital to...
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Charger capable of charging two Monet lithium ion batteries at once. Also a spot used as a display...
2mm, 4mm, 6mm apertures and an attenuator. The apertures reduce the output surface area of the Monet. 2mm...
Protective Glasses come in two styles, one with a sleek Sports design and our FitOver option designed to...
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