The #1 Extraoral Evacuator on the Market - See the MUSC Research.

Research at MUSC demonstrates that CAO Group’s Aegis VacStation is found to eliminate 100% spatter and 99.8% aerosol in high-speed handpiece dental procedures.

SALT LAKE CITY (Jan. , 2021) – The study conducted by a group of researchers at the James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) showed that the Aegis VacStation®, a chair-side extra-oral suction device from the CAO Group Inc. (CAO), can effectively eliminate 100% of spatter and 99.8% of aerosol generated by high-speed dental procedures. The research results will soon be published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

The study was conducted through the following protocol: placing a fluorescing dye in the waterline of the high-speed handpiece; a high-speed handpiece procedure was performed as normal, using a manikin head analogue; the spatter was measured by tracing of the dye and aerosol with particle sizes of 2.5um or less, using a particle counter on the operator’s face area. A variety of devices, including high-volume evacuators (HVEs), isolation devices, a new innovative cheek retractor and CAO’s Aegis VacStation were tested in the study. Detailed testing protocol and results are available upon request.

“Eliminating spatter and aerosol at the point of generation is the most effective method to contain spatter and aerosol before they reach the operators. The spatter and aerosol ejection patterns exiting the mouth travel at a speed of 34 to 171 feet per second, depending on the RPMs of the dental handpiece. We designed the Aegis VacStation scientifically to cover the ejection pattern and catch spatter and aerosol right as they exit the patient’s mouth,” said Densen Cao, Ph.D., president of CAO.

“Based on our research results, Aegis VacStation demonstrated that it can effectively eliminate spatter and aerosol to protect practitioners. HVE and isolation devices alone are very helpful – but not 100% at the removal of spatter and aerosol,” said John Comisi, D.D.S., associate professor in the Department of Oral Rehabilitation at MUSC and leading author for the study.

Comisi’s MUSC colleague, Walter Renne, D.M.D., a professor in the Department of Oral Rehabilitation, agreed. “We are actively researching effective methods to provide a spatter and aerosol-free dental practice under this pandemic. Aegis VacStation solved the problem scientifically. We are teaming up with CAO for next generation spatter and aerosol-free devices, which will be introduced to the market soon,” he said.

The Aegis VacStation features a 12-inch transparent collection cup; flexible tubing; three stage filters, including moisture filter, HEPA 13 filter and an active carbon filter; and UVC LED light. The device can be placed on the floor or ceiling mounted. Details about Aegis VacStation can be found at or by calling 1-877-877-9778.

The #1 Extraoral Evacuator on the Market

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