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These are detachable replacement sleeves for the Pioneer Elite Diode Laser handpiece. We have 2 types of sleeves...
A laser safety sign is recommended for every area where a laser may be used. The safety sign...
Pioneer Pro Wireless Foot Pedal Replacement foot pedal for Pioneer Pro or Pioneer Elite Wireless technology eliminates cord clutter...
Replacement charging cradle for the Pioneer Elite or Odyssey Navigator Diode Laser  
**3-5 day Shipping from West Jordan, UT** Back Your Laser Up Backup or replacement power supply cord for...
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About Pioneer Lasers

Pioneer Lasers is not a new brand. Our Lasers have been serving the dental industry since the early 2000's. Previously known as Odyssey Lasers, these workhorse devices sold record-breaking units in the early 2000s. Odyssey Laser brand has now been undertaken by an extensive rebranding effort of its divisions and is now marketing under one name 'Pioneer Lasers'. Located in West Jordan, Utah, Pioneer Lasers continues to be the pioneer of fundamental innovation in the soft tissue diode laser industry.

The dental market loves the Odysessy Laser, its innovative design, and implementation in taking digital impressions. With time the Odyssey lasers became more superior and revolutionized the dental industry. They were the first set of compact and portable diode lasers in the dental world.

Pioneer Lasers is the re-branded version of Odyssey Navigator & 2.4G

The Odyssey Lasers had 2 models.

Odyssey Navigator
Odyssey 24G 3W.

The Navigator was the first portable laser to include a touchscreen and a unique docking cradle with a charging base. The Odyssey 24G 3W was the first laser to feature a cartridge fiber management system.

The Odyssey Navigator is now re-branded into the Pioneer Elite.
The Odyssey 2.4G is re-branded into the Pioneer Pro.

The Pioneer Elite offers portability, disposable tips and touchscreen controls for the convenience of operation. On the other hand, the Pioneer Pro offers the lowest cost-per-usage fiber management system in the market. Over 12,000 have been sold. Pioneer Lasers that were produced more than a decade ago are still working today.

At Pioneer Lasers we are dedicated to providing top-notch quality and innovative products with exceptional and customer care. We commit ourselves to being one of the best diode laser manufacturing companies in the world