Sheer White! In-Office

cao group sheer white teeth whitening strips in office 2 pack

Utilizing our next-generation SheerFilm™ technology, Sheer White! flexible whitening strips easily conform to the teeth for a natural fit, holding the potent formula to the enamel without leakage. It only takes 1 minute for the dental professional to apply, after which patients may leave the office to complete their 30 minute wear time. No isolation or lengthy chair-time required. It’s an excellent in-office whitening experience that can easily be added to the end of any appointment! Results may be up to 3 shades whiter in a single application.

Sheer White! In-Office is available in a 2 patient intro kit and a 6 patient value kit; including strips for both the upper and lower arches. Continue the whitening experience with Sheer White! Take-Home kit for up to 8 shades whiter when used after in-office treatment.

With no retraction or soft-tissue isolation necessary, Sheer White! In-Office is the easiest 1-minute professional teeth whitening solution!

Sheer White! The world’s first
in-office whitening strip!

After dental appointment, apply the Sheer White! In-Office strips to the patient’s upper and lower arches. The patient can then leave the office with instructions to remove the strips 30 minutes from time of placement.

The patient is able to speak naturally, proceed on their daily routine, and even drink cool liquid while wearing the strips. The Comfort Fit technology causes the strips to form to the teeth with a custom fit, securing the whitening agent effectively and comfortably. Further extend your patient’s whitening experience with Sheer White! take-home for an 8 shades whiter smile!

No more lost chair time, uncomfortable isolation material, or lights needed!

Intro kit contains 4 Sheer White! In-Office strips
for two patient treatments.

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