Precise LTM Soft Tissue Diode Laser

ltm soft tissue diode laser

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The patented retractable and extendable fiber management system provides 20 feet of fiber in one cartridge – enough for over 500 patients. Features an intuitive display panel with 4 programmable settings.

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Precise LTM Set-up & Overview

precise ltm soft tissue diode laser
What makes the LTM laser STAND OUT?
  • Simple, sturdy, and compact design makes it easily portable between operatories.
  • Sleek pen-style handpiece is ergonomic, comfortable, and convenient for posterior applications.
  • Integrated, continuous fiber retracts and extends for ease and convenience.
  • In-office demonstration provides you a hands-on evaluation.
  • Low per-patient cost makes it versatile as a daily tool for a wide range of procedures


  • Precise LTM Unit
  • 20’ Fiber Cartridge (002-00206)
  • 2 Autoclavable Handpieces (002-00178)
  • with Collet (002-00262)
  • 20 Straight Disposable Tips (002-00181)
  • 40 Curved (60°) Disposable Tips (002-00182)
  • 3 Protective Glasses (002-00202)
  • Wireless Foot Pedal w/Battery
  • Fiber Stripper Tool Kit (002-00205)
  • Fiber Cleaver Kit (002-00204)
  • Laser Key (002-00030)
  • Danger – Laser in Use Sign (002-00034)
  • Power Supply (002-00207)

We offer a comprehensive 6-hour continuing education online training program with your purchase.

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Check our FAQ page for information about Precise soft tissue diode lasers.

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