Pioneer Pro Cartridge Refill 400 Microns 20 Feet

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The fiber cartridge is a replaceable assembly for the Pioneer Pro diode laser. The fiber refill cartridge contains approximately 20 feet (6 meters+) of 400µm laser fiber wound onto a spool.  Its plug-in capability provides power for the internal retraction device for the laser fiber. This cartridge is disposable after all fiber has been used. It is not autoclavable. A black mark on the fiber indicates 6’ of fiber remaining on the cartridge, at which time a new fiber cartridge should be ordered.

  • Fiber cartridge for Pioneer Pro diode laser
  • Contains 20 feet of the 400µm laser fiber
  • Fully disposable
  • This replaceable fiber cartridge is why the Pioneer Pro laser is the soft tissue diode laser with the lowest cost per patient 

 Retracting the fiber

Allow the fiber to spin around its own axis freely during retraction in order for it to properly re-spool within the cartridge.