Pioneer Elite Low Level Therapeutic Handpiece Sleeves

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These are detachable replacement sleeves for the Pioneer Elite Diode Laser handpiece. We have 2 types of sleeves available. 

Therapeutic Handpiece 

The Pioneer Elite Therapeutic Handpiece enables you to enhance the capabilities of your Elite Laser and expand the services in your practice. The Handpiece directs laser energy that can reduce inflammation and provide biostimulation for improved wound healing and pain relief. It can provide temporary relief to patients with TMJ or CMD disorder. 
The Therapy Handpiece consists of a single specialized Handpiece sleeve that simply slides over the Elite Handpiece. No other attachments or tips are required.

  • The Therapy Handpiece sleeve simply slides over the Elite Laser Handpiece
  • The Therapy Handpiece enhances the use of the laser to expand the services in your practice
  • Laser therapy can improve wound healing, provide pain relief
  • Corresponding presets on the Elite laser are intended for biostimulation, inflammation, and muscle/joint relief.
  • This is a replacement part