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Delivery Tips

LiquaTip® is designed to apply low viscosity syringe delivered materials with a controlled flow. These tips are best used with materials such as irrigants, primers, and other unfilled solutions. Paint on desired surfaces in thin layers, insuring complete coverage of all surfaces without pooling, wicking, or fluid run-on. Fit all Luer Lock style dental syringes.

ViscoTip® design is perfect for high viscosity adhesives, sealants, flowable composites and other filled material. These tips provide smooth control and ease of placement without clogging or filtering out filler particles. The thin brush fibers will pull materials to the smallest of openings or fissures for a complete fill and fits all Luer Lock style dental syringes.

FEscrubTip® enables hemostatic agent application quickly, comfortably, and without concern for contaminated surfaces or occluded margins. This patented, flocked-bulb tip softens the pressure on cut tissue while scrubbing or burnishing gel into soft tissue. The design allows hemostatic agents to flow without clogging and fit all Luer Lock style dental syringes.