Ascent PX LED Cordless Curing Light

Ascent PX LED Cordless Curing Light


High-powered, cordless LED curing light with a patented dual-wavelength curing. Up to 2000 mW/cm2 light intensity and a 5-second cure. Completely cures all light-cured dental materials available today. Wand can be rotated 360° for ergonomic curing with a 10mm x 14mm light pattern. Four modes: ramp, pulsed, continuous, and boost (5-second cure). Long-life battery allows for 200 cycles and recharges in 2 hour Unique charging station accommodates up to 3 individual lights simultaneously and includes a built-in radiometer. Made in the USA. 2-year warranty.

The Ascent PX comes to you from CAO Group, the originator of the LED curing light. Designed to cure quickly and completely, Ascent PX has four modes including a high powered five-second cure. With CAO patented technology, the broad spectrum output of Ascent PX cures all photoinitiated curing materials. The dual wavelength spectral output of 377-490nm cures any light-cured dental material available today.

The revolutionary ergonomic design enables the Ascent PX to easily reach all sites, delivering a complete cure without sacrificing patient or practitioner comfort. The buccal corridor is easily accessible with the Ascent PX 360° rotating head. The unique small equipment Ascent Px LEDs are engineered to focus on a footprint that approximates the natural shape of teeth. The curing light footprint dimensions (approximately 9 – 11mm) make it ideal for setting light-cured cement of orthodontic brackets. Ascent PX cures well in a Class II box as well as at the surface.

Weight 12 oz

Ascent PX Curing Light LED 10 mm x 14 mm With Built In Radiometer Cordless 2000 mW/cm2


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