Ascent PX LED Cordless Curing Light Kit

Ascent PX LED Cordless Curing Light Kit


Complete 5-second curing on a variety of applications – with 4 different curing modes, plus a long battery life provides up to 3 days of usage!

The Ascent PX comes to you from CAO Group, the originator of the LED curing light. Designed to cure quickly and completely, Ascent PX has four modes including a high powered five-second cure. With CAO patented technology, the broad spectrum output of Ascent PX cures all photoinitiated curing materials. The dual wavelength spectral output of 377-490nm cures any light-cured dental material available today.

The revolutionary ergonomic design enables the Ascent PX to easily reach all sites, delivering a complete cure without sacrificing patient or practitioner comfort. The buccal corridor is easily accessible with the Ascent PX 360° rotating head. The unique small equipment Ascent Px LEDs are engineered to focus on a footprint that approximates the natural shape of teeth. The curing light footprint dimensions (approximately 9 – 11mm) make it ideal for setting light-cured cement of orthodontic brackets. Ascent PX cures well in a Class II box as well as at the surface.

The depth of cure is dependent on a number of factors that are less dependent on the light used and more on the materials. Darker color resins require more curing time. Curing thin layers of restorative material or bonding agents requires less time. Microfills require more curing time than micro-hybrids, nanohybrids, or nanofills. Curing through ceramic adds more required curing time. The further the distance the light is placed on the material being cured, the longer the curing takes. Refer to the insert included with the curing materials for recommended curing times for best results.

The Ascent PX Curing Light is sealed so it can be surface cleaned and disinfected using an appropriate disinfectant towelette or cloth soaked in surface disinfectant. Below is a list of suggested surface disinfectants. Remember, DO NOT use harsh abrasives. On the Ascent PX, the amber shield provided may be immersed in the solution, DO NOT autoclave or otherwise sterilize these components.

Chlorhexidine gluconate
70% Isopropyl alcohol
Water-based phenolics
Dual or synergized quaternary ammoniums

Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 4 in

Kit contains 1 Ascent PX Curing Light, 1 wand (001-00052), 1-3 position charging base (001-00051), 1 power cord, 50 disposable barrier sleeves, and 1 protection shield (001-00060)


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