Revolutionary Bleaching Delivery System

This is the only bleaching strip system of its kind that provides your patients with a professionally-placed whitening booster application to be followed with at-home follow-up maintenance and comes with a done-for-you program.


  • SheerFilm® Advanced Technology
  • Non-Slip patented formula
  • 20% carbamide peroxide
    20% hydrogen peroxide (In-Office)
  • Wear for 1-3 hours for best results
    1-minute chair time; 30 minute wear time (In-Office)
  • Able to drink any non-heated beverage
  • Little to no sensitivity
  • Can be worn during any activity
  • Speech is normal and not affected by the strips
  • Available in both (6) and (24) patient packs
    Available in both (2) and (6) patient packs (In-Office)
  • Refrigerate product to extend shelf life

How The Strips Work

  • Open package, whitening formula is face up.
  • Remove strip from tray Center strip, place top edge of strip at gum line
  • Fold strip to back side of teeth. Press firmly on all surfaces. Warmth and moisture from your mouth will mold the strip to your teeth.
  • Wear for 30 minutes. May continue to speak, do light activities, and drink cool beverages.
  • To remove, grasp one corner and pull down away from the front of teeth, then push strip away from the back of teeth.6. Brush or rinse away any remaining gel
  • Brush or rinse away any remaining gel
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Say No More

  • No More Impressions
  • No More Custom Trays
  • No More Suck-Downs
  • No More Lab Time!
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Sheer White! in an Expert's Eyes

Sheer White take home strips are amazing. The features and benefits of so many products simply do not match reality, but this is not the case with Sheer White strips.

My experience with strip whitening in the past was less than stellar. Sheer White strips are in a league of their own. Easy, comfortable, and effective! And no sensitivity.

Unlike other products, these strips stick and stay and make home whitening simple and effective. Thanks for developing a stellar product!

-Anne Guignon, RDH, MPH, CSP