Monet Curing Laser Light

the laser advantage

The Monet laser is consistent and doesn't lose power output from different distances, so you can be confident that you'll get a complete cure every time. And because of its collimated beam, that same power can penetrate deep into composite avoiding the potential of soggy bottoms.

Reprinted with permission. J Can Dent Assoc 2011;77:b9



Laser provides consistent energy at any distance. There is consistency across the beam. There are no weak spots from dispersion, nor hot spots.


The Monet laser is powerful enough to cure a bulk fill, but comes with an attenuator when more delicate work is essential

This example of cure time is using an A2 Composite material.

Composite DepthCuring TimeWith Attenuator
2mm or less1 secYes
3 - 4mm1 secNo
5mm2 secNo
>5mm3 secNo

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An independent, non-profit, dental education and product testing foundation, Clinicians Report®, February, 2021.

"Overall, the Monet exhibited a very good combination of features and performance and appears very promising.”

"The Monet is the first dental curing light based on laser diodes. The optical design, controls, and high output make it competitive with current LED curing lights."

“The laser curing light on 3M composite showed less debonding in both 8mm and 1mm distances, compared to LED curing light.”

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"Leveraging a laser-based approach to light curing, the Monet from AMD delivers a tight and highly collimated beam of light within the 0 to 10mm range of distances that we tested in our lab."

– Dr. Richard Price

Revolutionary Monet Curing Laser Upgrades To 1-Second Cure (

Monet Curing Laser
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Monet Curing Laser


The Monet laser is easy and convenient to use. It provides Coherent and Consistent beam intensity, helping it provide efficient curing in as little as 1 second. 

Key Technology Innovations

Compact Laser Module to fit the form-factor
Optics for parallel beam within the form factor
Unrestricted rotatable head mechanism
Convenient battery attachment mechanism

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*If for any reason you become dissatisfied with the Monet curing laser from AMD Lasers, the Monet device may be returned to our offices and you will be credited 100%, Guaranteed. AMD Lasers will accept returns if you are unsatisfied, or in case the Monet device breaks, or becomes inoperable. The Monet laser from AMD Lasers comes with a 2-year warranty ensuring that you will have a working device for the term of the warranty. Please contact Customer Service at 1.866.999.2635 for assistance, and to receive an RMA number to initiate return process.

Please refer to the "limited warranty" section of the owners manual guide for more information regarding what accessories are covered in the limited warranty. If covered by the limited warranty, return of the accessory will be required for replacement.