CAO Group Diode Lasers

For a limited time, you can purchase any CAO diode laser for 40% Experience the benefits of our award-winning diode lasers. The Instruments for Every Day, Every Patient. CAO’s soft tissue lasers are made for operator efficiency, convenience, and performance. Thanks to the design and built-in technology of our diode lasers, the operator experiences a precise, less invasive, and less traumatic tool while performing dental soft tissue procedures.

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ZaPro Hand Sanitizer

Our ZaPro Hand Sanitizer has revolutionized the sanitizer industry, and now you can be a part of the change! With our limited time offer, receive one FREE ZaPro Hand Sanitizer when you purchase two! Experience the silky-smooth feel of our hand sanitizing gel without the sticky residue and put on your latex gloves with ease. With a powerful 94% alcohol solution and a continual residual effect, ZaPro Hand Sanitizer optimizes how you sanitize!

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Sheer White! Tooth Whitening Strips

Creating a summer-white smile just became even more affordable! For a limited time, you can receive one FREE Sheer White! Intro Whitening Kit for the price of one! Our Sheer White! In-Office and Sheer White! Take-Home together create the World’s First Complete Whitening Strip System that’s easier, faster, and better. In-Office strips take only 1 minute to apply in the chair and 30-minute wear time. Send your patients home with the Sheer White! Take-Home kit to maintain and continue whitening up to 8 shades whiter.

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