Aegis Aerosol VacStation
Aegis Aerosol VacStation
Aegis Aerosol VacStation
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Aegis Aerosol VacStation

Product Code: 005-00045

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Restore Office Safety and Peace of Mind with the Aegis Aerosol VacStation

This industry-leading extra-oral chair-side suction station removes aerosols and up to 99.97% of all airborne particulates and pathogens (down to 0.3µm size), decreasing the potential spread of infections and diseases. Features cutting-edge technology while promoting less noise than alternative units.

Does it really work?

Independent research demonstrated that the Aegis Aerosol VacStation can eliminate the following while using a high-speed handpiece:

  • 100% splatter on practitioners
  • 97% aerosol reduction for particle size 0.3um – 2.4um
  • 99.8% aerosol reduction for particle size 2.5um and larger


  • Reduce aerosol from dental operations
  • Protect for your staff and patients
  • Three-stage filter design: High fiber, Fiberglass, and Active Carbon filters 
  • Flexible tube that is easy to maneuver
  • Low noise level while at maximum suction (62dB)
  • Protectant, non-sight restricting transparent cover
  • LED UVC light sterilization of pathogens that are not filtered
  • High volume suction (3.5m3/minute)
  • Circulates air in a standard 8 x 8 room every 5 minutes (12 times per hour)
  • Easy installation

Accessories Included:

٠ Suction Unit  ٠ Set of 3 Unit Filters (pre-installed)  ٠ 5 Additional Primary Cotton Filters ٠ Power Cord (configured for 110 VAC outlet) ٠ User Manual


Model: 005-00045
Duct: Φ75mm×1500 mm
Weight: 14.2kg±10%
Power: 250W Max
Filter Efficiency (0.3µm): 99.97%
Volume (Filter included): 200m3/h

Reduces the level of Influenza A strain H1N1**

**Independent laboratory testing has shown this device is capable of reducing the level of H1N1 by 99.99% (log 4) from 1 cubic meter (35 cubic feet) of air after 2 hours. Results may vary depending on the size of the room or space that is treated, the device settings, and other environmental factors.