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CAO Group, Inc: Innovating Dentistry Since 2000


To provide innovative, high quality, dental products and services that meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our clients and continually improve the dental industry.


To be the dental industry leader of diode lasers by cultivating the most innovative and advantageous technology that will continue to propel dentistry to exceptional discoveries.

  • Our foundation, built from patented technology coupled with prime engineering in research and development.
  • Our continuous pursuit of advanced dental technology.
  • Our dedication and ability to render unmatched service to our clients
Awards & Certificates

CAO Group is committed to innovating excellence and proud to be awarded endorsements and certificates for our work in the dental industry.

ISO Standards

Exceeds the average quality index for the International Standards Organization.r Standardization (ISO).

Food & Drug Administration

FDA approved medical devices.

American Dental Association

Supporter & Contributor

CAO Group, 160+ Patents and Counting

Through extensive research and development, CAO Group has become a leading manufacturer for privately labeled products under the largest national and international companies in the dental industry. CAO is located just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, within a 60,000 square foot FDA registered and ISO certified facility. Our facility is the innovational location for our research, development, logistics, manufacturing, marketing, and sales. CAO China, a joint venture facility, supports our large-scale manufacturing and distribution.

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While initially you may not be familiar with the CAO brand name, it can be certain that you have had or currently have one of our products in your practice. The LED curing light, diode laser, whitening technology, and many more are all brought to you by technological breakthroughs developed by CAO Group and its founder,  Densen Cao.   With a PhD from the University of Utah in Material Science and Engineering, he has envisioned and forged over 160+ patents.  CAO Group is continually evolving to meet the needs of the Dental community by solving critical issues, inventing new technology, and bringing the best in patient comfort.  All in support our underlying philosophy that a truly useful innovation should make care, “easier, faster, better.”

Densen Cao, Ph.D. founded CAO Group, Inc. in Utah.
CAO introduced the first commercial LED dental curing light. The LED curing light technology by CAO is widely adopted in today's market. Nearly all LED dental curing light manufacturers license CAO's technology.
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CAO introduced the first compact, easy fiber management diode surgical laser system. The technology enabled the fast adoption of diode lasers in the dental market. The technologies of disposable tip, battery operation, touch screen interface, wireless footswitch control and other pioneered by CAO are widely adopted in today's market.

CAO invented the methods to build LED light sources with 360° light beam and improved heat management. The methods are widely adopted in today's efficient LED lighting products.
CAO introduced the first LED forensic light, Ultralite ALS, which became the leading brand in the field. Ultralite ALS has helped to solve many high-profile cases since its introduction.
CAO moved into its 60,000 square foot customized facility in West Jordan, Utah.

CAO started its LED lighting business and was a founding member of the Next Generation Solid State Lighting Alliance (NGLA) withing the U.S. Department of Energy.
CAO introduced the most advanced oral medicament delivery system, SheerFilms, which include teeth whitening, desensitizing, and fluoride applications. Other advanced products were introduced to the professional dental market throught its exclusive partner, Henry Schein, Inc. Sheer White became the leading take-home teeth whitening strip in the professional distribution channel.
CAO spun off its LED lighting business as an independent company, CAO Lighting.

CAO introduced the first medical diode laser system controlled by the Apple iPod Touch®.
CAO engaged in general medical applications for its diode laser system, Pilot. Pilot is the first laser system to offer surgical and therapeutic functions in one unit.
CAO released the first "Sheer White! In-Office" Whitening Strip with 20% hydrogen peroxide to offer 1 minute chair time, with whitening applied by a dental professional.

CAO released the first all-in-one "UltraLite One" forensic light that provides for three colors used to bring trace evidence to light!
CAO is constantly developing products and technologies that revolutionize methods for medicament delivery in the oral environment. Stay tuned to see what we invent next!
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