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Sheer DesenZ Desensitizing Film is an easy, fast way to relieve oral pain and discomfort associated with dental procedures or the hot/cold thermal changes teeth may experience. The 3% potassium nitrate desensitizing formulation delivers rapid, highly effective pain relief, for patients experiencing dental hypersensitivity. The thin, flexible film is applied in seconds and stays where it is placed, molding to teeth and gums delivering soothing pain relief exactly where it is needed for as long as needed. So comfortable patients can wear it for hours, yet it is easily removed when relief is achieved. Sheer DesenZ is so easy to use and so comfortable to wear patients can use it anytime, anywhere and talk normally.

Sheer Desenz Desensitizing Film package

Instructions For Use

Sheer Desenz instructions


Sheer DesenZ – Dr Randal Hadfield

Sheer DesenZ – Dr Michael Koceja

Frequently Asked Questions

What's in the box?

Sheer DesenZ Intro Kit (006-00088)
6 Patient Treatment Kits, each containing 4 single arch treatments

Is Sheer DesenZ made the same as Sheer White?

Sheer DesenZ is delivered by Sheer Film technology like Sheer White; however there are some differences between Sheer White and Sheer DesenZ. It is packaged in single arch trays allowing one or both arches to be treated. Wear time is shorter and each tray contains two additional short films to ensure full coverage for larger arches.

How long does Sheer DesenZ last?

Every patient is different and results may vary. The Desensitizing effects on average last up to 2 weeks.

How long is Sheer DesenZ worn?

A minimum wear time of 15 minutes is recommended. Sheer DesenZ is active up to an hour and is comfortable enough to wear for the full duration.

Will Sheer DesenZ Whiten teeth?

No, Sheer DesenZ will only relieve tooth sensitivity.

Can using Sheer DesenZ before whitening prevent bleach related discomfort?

Yes, Sheer DesenZ reduces the nerves in the teeth’s ability to receive a pain signal. Using Sheer DesenZ before or after whitening will reduce the possibility of patients experiencing sensitivity.

What if sensitivity persists after several treatments?

If sensitivity persists it is advisable to search for other issues such as caries or physical damage of hard and soft tissues. Patients should always consult with a dentist when discomfort in the mouth occurs.

May I have a sample of sheer DesenZ?

Sheer DesenZ is a controlled substance and can only be dispensed by a dentist. Samples are available to Dentists within the USA who fill out, sign, and fax a sample request form to (801) 256-9287 Samples will only be shipped to verified dental offices.

Where can I buy Sheer DesenZ?

Sheer DesenZ is exclusively available through Henry Schein Dental.

I don't see my question.

Our Customer Care team is happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call us toll-free (877) 236-4408.


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