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FastFix® is a one step, easy-to-use, porcelain conditioner and primer. Our proprietary carboxylic acid formula removes the need for the use of hydrofluoric acid and comes combined with silane for a safer one step process. Prepare surfaces of new porcelain restorations for cementation and damaged intraoral restorations. Our Primer makes CAD/CAM restoration placement or porcelain repair fast, safe, and easy. Best of all superior bond strengths are achieved so much so that the porcelain usually breaks before the bond. Using LiquaTip brush tips ensures even complete coverage and keeps the primer on the repair surface. FastFix is the fastest, safest, easiest way to fix damaged porcelain.

Dental Product Shopper Best Product 2012
Fast Fix package

Sheer Bond Strength - Types of Failures

The Porcelain Breaks
Before the Bond!








Cohesive Bond Failure:
The underlying porcelain
failed, not the bond.

Adhesive Bond Failure:
The bond failed first and
the restoration dislodged.

Instructions For Use

Fast Fix instructions


FastFix – Dr Randal Hadfield

FastFix – Dr Michael Koceja

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the box?

FastFix Introductory Kit (006-00078)
3 - 3cc syringes
50 - FEscrubTips

Does FastFix need to be refrigerated?

Yes, FastFix includes an ethanol carrier that will evaporate and reduce effectiveness if stored above 40°F.

Is FastFix compatible with solvent based adhesives?

Do not use solvent based adhesives or primers following application of FastFix. Ethanol, acetone and other similar solvents will weaken the effectiveness of the primer.

Does FastFIx work with all porcelains and ceramics?

Mostly. FastFix does not work with zirconia-based materials, but achieves good results with all other ceramic materials.

Where do I buy the FastFix?

FastFix is exclusively available through Henry Schein.

I don't see my question.

Our Customer Care team is happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call us toll-free (877) 236-4408.


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